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About A.J.
Hi, I'm Alexa. I live in the USA. I go by A.J. on my blog because I think there are a lot of Alexas already out there. You can call me either name though. I started this blog in November 2009. Once I started really getting into reading that's when I decided I should focus mainly on books.

I love to read young-adult, new adult, and adult novels. I enjoy the following genres: contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy. (But for adult books, I just prefer paranormal romance and urban fantasy.) I especially love books with romance, even if it's not the main focus.

You can contact me through Twitter @woven_ or email: naruto_and_hinata(at)hotmail(dot)com

About Brie
I'm twenty-something years old and just settling into my marriage. I'm a die-hard manga and anime fan, a gamer girl, and crafting fiend. I aspire to be an editor one day(when I grow up, lol) and I have a love for literature, poetry, writing, music, wine, and good food. I also support gay rights and equality for all.

I'm interested in young adult paranormal, suspense/thrillers, mystery, fantasy, poetry, science fiction, and romance. I'll try my hand at anything and I believe there's no such thing as a bad book, but its only that it may be the wrong book for you.

You can contact me through Twitter @missbri88 or email: missbri88(at)gmail(dot)com