Friday, December 4, 2009

474 & Yondaime

First I want to mention the recent chapter of Naruto (#474). Sakura loves Sasuke! I knew that already, but it just felt good actually having someone say it outloud after having first heard it nearly 300 chapters ago in chapter #181. :3 These were my favorite panels from this chapter:

So cute! Even though it's from Part I, it's still something new. And it brings back memories of all the SasuSaku moments from Part I. X3 The one talking in those panels is Sai. I'm glad he feels that it's his fault that Sakura did what she did. Still don't like him though. :p

colored version by PET

Looks good, don't it? Check out them lips on Sasuke. :3 hehe
Also, I finally received the Yondaime stamp that I mentioned in one of my other entries. (If you haven't seen it, then click here to see the other Naruto stamps I have.) Doesn't he look nice? :D heh

There's the Yondaime stamp, the Naruto postcard it came with, and a Hinata sticker that was placed on the back of the postcard. :D So it's been a nice week of Naruto.

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