Sunday, April 11, 2010


The front of the postcard.

I received a postcard from Finland! (FI-783662) Very pretty view! It's the 38th official postcard I've received from the Finland & the 211th official postcard I received through Postcrossing. The postcard traveled 4 days and 4,776 miles. Finland is actually the country that has sent the most postcards through Postcrossing. I think that's pretty amazing, considering it's a tiny country compared to the United States. The USA, which is the second most sending country, hasn't even come close to Finland. I don't know if another country will ever beat Finland.

The stamp that came with the postcard.

Isn't the stamp just awesome? I think the person who sent me this postcard actually put stickers on top of the onions; however, I have a feeling those stickers came with the stamps. Because Finland knows how to make unique stamps. They seriously have some of the best postal stamps out there. So many different designs and shapes. Have a look on Flickr.

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