Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jellicoe Road Fanart?

I love Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta.

My sister draws.


I want her to draw Taylor/Jonah fanart! :D

She hasn't exactly said yes to me yet, but I'm working on it. When she's drawing, though, she likes to have references (like an image) of the characters. However, I don't believe their looks were described that much in the book. I think I can convince her to draw Taylor and Jonah fanart if she had a better idea of what the characters look like.

What I remember about Taylor: wavy golden-brown hair, blue/green eyes, tall & lanky.

What I remember about Jonah: cropped hair, 10 centimeters taller than Taylor, a tank.

I might have missed or incorrectly remembered a detail though. If I did, I would really appreciate it if you let me know. Anyway, there could possibly be a reference out there! Melina Marchetta's profile picture on GoodReads:

The boy in the tree and Taylor? I think it's them! I mean, none of her other books have a scene like this, and I don't believe it's just a random picture. What do you think? :)

You all might be wondering why I don't just ask Melina Marchetta for more descriptions of Taylor and Jonah. Well... The thing is... I'm too nervous! And I don't want to ask her if I'm not entirely sure my sister will even draw them. (I know, I'm a wimp. :p) So far now, while I try to gain the courage to go through with sending her an e-mail, I wanted to ask those who liked Jellicoe Road some questions:

- What is your favorite Taylor and Jonah moment?
- Are there actors or anybody that you believe could look like Jonah and Taylor?

Any answers, comments, and advice will be greatly appreciated! Or if you have any questions for me regarding anything I mentioned, then let me know. Thank you! :D


  1. 1)... uhm, every scene?!?! Haha, I think either their first kiss, or when he says that his happiness is tied to hers.. *sigh* too cute. Or maybe the scene in the tent. Or the ones in Sydney, they are all So GOOD! Can you tell I love talking about Jellicoe Road? haha

    2) not sure, I just have vague images in my head, but I'm not a big fan of assigning peopel to characters. I just like my imagination :P I like the picture of the boy in the tree though, but taylor definitely isn't how I imagined her.

    cool post :D

  2. Ahh I know! I feel like fangirling right now. X3 I wanna pick one for my sister to draw. But I know she probably won't draw kissing. :p She might draw their lips close together though... Hmm... >:}

    lol That's how I am. Although, I looked up images of rugby players on Google, and I was like... Damn. Those could be great references. XD

    Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Oh you should email Melina and tell her I'm sure she'd love to know how much the book means to you. I emailed her about Saving Francesca and she replied, which I completely wasn't expecting as I thought she'd be much to busy, but she was lovely.

    Hope you convince your sister to do some fan art.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Alexa!
    I still haven't sent her an e-mail, but I plan on doing it this summer. Definitely before August. :3