Friday, August 13, 2010

Together in the Games - Hunger Games fanart

My sister drew me another Katniss & Peeta fanart. Yay! It was a birthday present for me. :) Gahh... I love Peeta's expression. Just wanna hug him and kiss his cheek and eat him. And guess what? 11 more days till Mockingjay! *gasps*

Oh, and a little update on the Jellicoe Road fanart situation that I mentioned here. I FINALLY e-mailed Ms. Marchetta about 2 weeks ago (I know, I waited till the last second), and she replied! She told me though that she didn't really give her characters physical descriptions, unless it's important to the story. She also said that she wouldn't want to interfere with how readers saw the characters in their head. Which I can totally understand. So, it seems it might take me longer to convince my sister to draw Taylor/Jonah fanart, but..! I will manage to do it one day. >:) Or get someone else to do it at least. ;p