Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Book Postcard: Firelight

As you've probably noticed in my blog header, my blog is suppose to feature my various collections. I realized the other day that hadn't done anything, but books, in months. So throughout this month, I plan on posting more about postcards (and stamps)!

Front of postcard, of course. :D
This week I received some Firelight swag that I won from Ree at Literary Obsession (thanks!!). I was really excited that the swag included a postcard because I've always wanted one featuring a book cover! Swag tends to always be about the bookmarks, which isn't surprising, since well...the swag is for a book! But if I had to choose between a bookmark or a book postcard, I would definitely go with the postcard. ;) Anyway, here is the back of the postcard and the cool stamp Ree put on the envelope:

Back with Sophie Jordan's signature.Stamp on envelope.


  1. The postcard and stamp are beautiful. I never really think about stamps but now that I think about it, I've probably thrown away some really nice ones myself:( I think I'm going to start collecting interesting stamps.

  2. I love that postcard! I wish we could get postcards of all our favourite books :)

  3. @Kulsuma: I know I've done the same. I'm not a a big stamp collector, compared to my postcard collecting, but I do like to keep the cool/interesting stamps, if I remember to cut 'em out. ;)

    @Nic: Feel the same way. :D Sometimes I think I should print out my own postcards, but...I need a good printer & postcard paper. :p