Friday, January 7, 2011

Contest @ Veronica Roth's Blog

my extra entry
Author Veronica Roth is giving away 3 ARCs of her debut YA novel Divergent at her blog. The giveaway is open to those with US addresses and ends Saturday, January 8 at 12:30 PM. All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address at her giveaway post. There's also a way to gain an extra extry:
"BUT if you want one and don't mind being ridiculous, you can take a picture documenting choice-making in the spirit of Ze Divergent Tagline (One Choice Will Transform You) and I will enter your name twice instead of once."

"Do note that the picture doesn't have to be of you. It can be of your dog. Or of some kind of indecision-related object. Or some wacko MS Paint drawing you did at 3 in the morning."
I decided to do my extra entry on MS Paint! (It's the picture on the right. I didn't draw the computer or the face. All found through Google.) I seriously could not decide what to make the picture about, so that's why it's about my indecisiveness about the contest. :P

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  1. Wish it was international! Good luck Alexa, I hope you win a copy :)