Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: Liquid Lies by Hanna Martine

Title: Liquid Lies (The Elementals, #1)
Author: Hanna Martine
Pages: 368
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Release Date: July 3, 2012
Magic is corporate America’s best-kept secret, and Gwen Carroway is superior at selling it ...

Gwen possesses the unique ability to pick up any language in an instant—a power that will globally expand the profitable family business. As dutiful future leader of her race of water elementals, she'll do anything to protect her people's secrets and bloodlines—including enter an arranged marriage. Inside, however, she yearns for forbidden human men.

Reed is a mercenary addicted to the money and adrenaline rush of his work. After he inadvertently saves Gwen's life, he ignites her taboo desire for men without magic—and with bodies of gods. Just as things heat up, Reed discovers that Gwen is exactly who he’s been hired to kidnap. He resolves to put work before lust, yet her luscious beauty and fiery spirit unravel him…

But there is a terrible truth behind Gwen’s family business—and now, caught between the kinsmen she no longer trusts and an enemy bent on vengeance, the only ally she has is her abductor…

My Thoughts: Liquid Lies is about a Secondary, an Ofarian, named Gwen Carroway. It's her story of growth and finding the strength to help and protect the lives of others. And also, following her heart no matter what she has been told to believe her entire life. Through it all she falls in love with the dangerous, alluring Primary or human known as Reed Scott, who helps her along the way even though the secrets between them threaten to break the connection they share.

There was something about Liquid Lies that made it seem a little different, in a good way, from other paranormal romances I've read. Maybe it's because Gwen and Reed met and were attracted to each other before Reed found out he had to kidnap her, which made their interactions afterwards tense and exciting. It helped that they had interesting and likeable personalities. Or maybe it was because I thought the history between and about the enemy alien races of Ofarians and Tedrans was fascinating and even heartbreaking. Whatever it was, it was easy to become absorbed into the story.

Another thing I appreciated about the book was that some of secondary characters really stood out, but at the same time, managed not to take the spotlight entirely from Gwen and Reed. One was Genesai, another was Griffin (who I thought would get annoying, but actually, I ended up sympathizing for him. I hope that he'll eventually get his own story with a happy ending!). The secondary character that mainly stood out for me was Xavier, a Tedran. He truly shined in the novel, and I couldn't help but to take notice. There was so much depth to him. It wasn't hard to feel for him, to see how much the trauma he's had to endure affected him greatly. I wanted to comfort him! I'm so glad to know the next book in the series, A Taste of Ice, is about Xavier. And just from the sneak peek at the end of Liquid Lies, I know I'm going to like that book.

Liquid Lies was definitely a promising start to The Elementals series, and I'm looking forward to reading more. Thank you to the author and Goodreads for the chance to read Liquid Lies!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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  1. I didn't realize how hot this cover was when I was looking at it on GR! It sounds like this story wraps up in this book but continues on with other stories in the same world? Sounds really good. Great review Alexa. :)