Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Chasing Mrs. Right by Katee Robert

Title: Chasing Mrs. Right (Come Undone, #2)
Author: Katee Robert
Pages: 170
Publisher: Entangled: Brazen
Release Date: March 25, 2013
It was only supposed to last one night…

Roxanne Stokes doesn’t believe in love. She does, however, believe in the sexy-as-sin stranger who literally knocks her off her feet in front of a nightclub. The chemistry sparking between them takes her breath away, and she’ll do anything to ease the pain in his eyes…until she realizes the handsome stranger is her best friend’s older brother who’s just come home from war.

Ian Walser had no idea the gorgeous woman he slept with the night of his homecoming party was his little sister’s best friend—or that she’d be gone before morning. Roxanne’s touch soothes him in a way nothing else can, and he’s not ready to walk away from that yet. Not when spending time with her gave Ian a glimpse of everything he’s ever wanted.

When his sister unwittingly pushes them together, he sees his chance. But convincing a woman who doesn’t believe in love that she’s his Mrs. Right might be harder than any mission Ian’s undertaken. Good thing this soldier likes a challenge…

My Thoughts: Chasing Mrs. Right is about Ian and Roxanne, two people struggling with their own inner demons when it comes to love and relationships. Ian is still feeling the affects of serving two tours of war and never expects to find someone to keep him grounded. Roxanne has a hard time believing in love after her own experiences with relationships and witnessing all the heartache her mother has gone through. Neither are prepared for the deep, powerful connection they find with each other.

For some reason, I thought Ian would be a bad boy, but he was actually a pretty sweet guy. When Roxanne hurt her leg, he fixed her right up. He cooked for her and did some other things (ahem). It was all very nice. But he never came off as a cheesy, perfect guy, which I liked. Roxanne was a good person too. I understood why she felt the need to keep her distance. Thankfully she wasn't able to do that when it came to Ian, and I'm glad she was quick to realize her feelings. Although I thought their story wasn't anything new, both of them were still easy to like.

Ian and Roxanne's relationship was resolved as expected. There were some things that I wish had been resolved as well like Ian and Elle's overbearing mother, but that was never the focus of the story. And while I'm glad how things ended for Ian and Roxanne, I kind of wish their had been more development between them and that the story had been longer. It all did feel a bit rushed. But I'm not surprised by this because I think these stories aren't suppose to be drawn out. Just hot, light reads with a bit of drama.

Before I end this review, I would like to mention that Chasing Mrs. Right is actually book two in the Come Undone series. I have yet to read the first book; however, it looks like each book can stand on its own. I never got lost or confused when certain things were referenced from the previous story. I did become curious about Elle and Gabe's relationship though, especially after reading the excerpt from Wrong Bed, Right Guy at the end. I think I might have to read the rest of the books in this series when I'm in the mood for another romantic read.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


  1. I sorta really hate covers with a color filter on top.

    This sounds like a fun read! Ian does sound like a "nice" guy fixing up her leg and cooking for her.

  2. Fast read. Sounds like fun, though. :)