Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stack of Postcards

Since I haven't mentioned any postcards I've received in awhile, I decided it's about time I did. ;) These postcards were received from December 4, 2009 to February 17, 2010.

Received through Postcrossing:
[3] Finland - FI-694807 / FI-702524 / FI-738650
[2] Netherlands - NL-256594 / NL-238952
[2] United States of America - US-540673 / US-570819
[1] Brazil - BR-88234
[1] China - CN-139553
[1] Czech Republic - CZ-45750 (First Alphonse Mucha I've recevied!)
[1] Germany - DE-481623
[1] Poland - PL-56995
[1] Russia - RU-88534
[1] Singapore - SG-22474 (Cute doll!)
[1] Ukraine - UA-17047

Received through family/friends:
[8] Thailand
[4] Japan
[1] United Kingdom (London)

From family/friends.

I haven't sent much postcards lately, which is why I haven't received much either. In fact, in the past two months, I think I've only sent one! The reason? I've been way more addicted to reading! So instead of spending my money on postcards and stamps, I've been spending it all on books. XD I know my postcard stash this year will be extremely low, compared to last year where I received about 200 postcards. Xp Hopefully later on in the year I will start sending again because this is one hobby that I really enjoy.

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