Tuesday, July 13, 2010

25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Audrey (like...a long time ago) over at holes In My brain to list 25 random things about myself. So here goes!

1. I like to collect things. Postcards, stamps, coins (foreign currency & older US coins). This is how I came up with my blog name Collections. ;D

2. Two very interesting fortunes I got from fortunes cookies:
> Book lovers never go to bed alone.
> The secret of vast riches begins with a single penny.
Isn't that weird? Fits me perfectly. I just might start collecting fortunes. lol

3. I pretty much like telling everyone that I love Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. It's my favorite book ever. It blew my mind!

4. My favorite movie of all time is Pulp Fiction! It's freakin' awesome.

5. I have a fear of vomit. I don't even want to smell it, see it, or hear it coming out of someone. *shivers* Thankfully I haven't vomited in years.

6. I love orange! The color. And yes, I was so happy when I found out Peeta Mellark likes it as well. hehe

7. I seriously need Mockingjay in my hands now!

8. My favorite number is 8.

9. Learning about planets is interesting to me. I do believe there has to be life on other planets. I like to imagine them looking like us. lol

10. Jonah Griggs. He is my favorite male character in YA! He is loyal, badass, flawed, and hot. Who is Jonah Griggs? Well, you have to read Jellicoe Road to find out! ;D

11. Malcolm in the Middle was the best show ever! It reminded me of my family. XD

12. Electronica is the type of music I love listening to.

13. I can't say how long I've had braces. It's too embarrassing. It's not my fault either. I don't believe my orthodontist knows what she is doing. :(

14. I have 4 sisters. No brothers.

15. Putting lemon on Doritos (spicy nacho flavor) and popcorn is delicious.

16. I wish I could speak Spanish. :\

17. Here's a postcard I received from Finland that I love: [click here] It's really pretty, but the main reason I love it? Even though it's icy/frozen, it reminds me of Jellicoe Road. I think it fits this line from the book: "The prettiest road I’d ever seen, where trees made breezy canopies like a tunnel to Shangri-La."

18. I really want to go to the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando!

19. I'm in the mood for blue cream soda.

20. Blade of the Immortal by Samura Hiroaki is my favorite manga. It's hardcore!

21. I enjoy being sneaky. ;)

22. I'm kinda getting annoyed with this whole "popular chicks of school are mean to main character and they like main character's love interest" theme in YA books. From what I remember, the preps were definitely not the only crowd who could be mean. C'mon...there has to be a better villain.

23. I would like to meet Melina Marchetta one day. I know my mind would go blank though, if I see her. ^^;

24. Oh yeah, I'm shy.

25. It took me forever to complete this list!

Umm..I don't know who to tag, but if you want to do this, then go ahead! :D

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  1. ok after Audrey said the Aly and AJ thing which made me laugh like crazy simply because i actually like the band i just had to stop over! omg im so bad she tagged me in this a while back arghh i need to answer them to, great answers! :P