Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hunger Games T-shirt

Guess what I bought today? :) Yes, it's obvious from the pictures and the post's title, but I have to say it.

I got a Hunger Games t-shirt! :D

Bought it at my local Hot Topic store. I found out about it through yesterday evening and immediately decided I was going to the mall on Sunday. Totally forgot that today was the 4th of July though. I only remembered while I was on my way there, so I got scared that the mall would be closed. It wasn't! But then I got scared that Hot Topic wouldn't have the shirts. I started to get sad when I didn't see anything. :( So I asked one of the employees, and she said that they had them in the back! She also said that they just received them, which was why they weren't out front yet. I was so glad! It's really nice. I plan on wearing it for the first time next week when I go to the movies. Maybe a Hunger Games fan will notice? :)

(Oh, if you don't have a Hot Topic store near you, they are selling it on their site here. I'm not sure if they sell internationally. Might have to check around, if you're interested.)

So who else is getting extremely excited for Mockingjay? Only 50 days away! I've been trying hard to get other people to read the books by constantly advertising on forums I frequent and mentioning it to my friends. Because they have more than enough time to read the first two books before the release of the final book, and I don't want them to miss out. Haven't managed to convince anyone, except two of my sisters, so far though. Maybe they'll pay attention once my sister draws a fanart? I'm finally next in line on her list. Hopefully she starts it soon! >:)