Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Burn - Hunger Games fanart

Back in May, I mentioned that I forced my sister to read The Hunger Games. Not only because she needed to read it, but because I wanted her to draw fanart! I know that later on I said that she didn't plan on drawing Katniss/Peeta fanart; however, since she already forgot details from the book (and since we don't own copies), she didn't know what she should draw. So I told her about a contest being held at a Hunger Games group on deviantART, with the theme of 'When they were younger.' She decided to draw a Katniss & Peeta scene from the book, and here's the finished piece:

GAH! I love this scene so much! So, what do you all think about the fanart? Don't Katniss and Peeta look adorable? I want to hug them! When I was watching her color the panels, I admit I felt like crying because the scene is sweet but at the same time so freakin' sad. And when she drew in the tears running down Katniss's checks, gahh...I almost died. These characters have suffered so much. I hope it ends well for them all in the final book or I will be heartbroken. :'( And I may be biased, but seriously, I think my sister did an amazing job! I hope she decides to draw more Hunger Games fanart in the future. (And if you're reading this, guuurrrl, thank you!!)