Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Excerpt: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

An excerpt featuring what I'm sure is just one of the many hilarious exchanges we'll read between Daemon and Katy from Jennifer L. Armentrout's newest YA paranormal, Obsidian, which will be released December 6, 2011 by Entangled Publishing:

Eyes still on me, he tipped his desk forward even further. "Guess what?"


"I checked out your blog."

Oh. Dear. Baby. Jesus. How did he find it? Wait. More importantly was the fact that he had found it. Was my blog now googleable? That was awesome sauce with an extra heaping of sauce. "Stalking me again, I see. Do I need to get a restraining order?"

"In your dreams, kitten." He smirked. "Oh wait, I'm already starring in those, aren't I?"

I rolled my eyes. "Nightmares, Daemon. Nightmares."

Go Katy! I know that if someone I didn't like or I didn't want knowing about my blog found out about my blog... I would just die of embarrassment! *hides* :P Anyway, it's so cool that Katy is a book blogger. She should totally do a 'My Book Boyfriend' post featuring Aiden from Half-Blood. Right?? ;D LOL
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  1. Omg! I should've featured this on my WoW today! I love this scene. Absoulutely CANNOT WAIT for this book.

    Oh ye, gods of ARCs hear my plea!