Friday, December 23, 2011

Vote for ALEX + Giveaway!

Alex from Half-Blood won against Nora from Hush, Hush in the previous round of the YA Heroine Tourney! YAY! Jennifer L. Armentrout gave us the Alex/Aiden scene she promised; it can be read HERE. So good! Loved it!

And today...Alex is up against Rose Hathaway. Yes, that Rose. I know she has a lot fans. And I mean, A LOT. Some of you following my blog might even be Rose fans. BUT! I'm going to give you a few reasons why you should vote for Alex instead of Rose. I won't be going on and on about how seriously awesome and kick-ass and loyal and funny Alex is (although she is all of that and more), but I will bring up other reasons and I hope you hear me out. :)

First reason: If Alex gets 500 votes, Jennifer L. Armentrout will share a juicy scene from Pure! (I've read Pure, so I totally know what scene she's talking about. And yes, it is juicy!)

Second reason: If Alex gets 750 votes, JLA will write CHAPTER 16 from Half-Blood in Aiden's POV! (OMG! Need it now!)

Third reason: If Alex gets 1000 votes, JLA will also write CHAPTER 26 from Obsidian (book 1 in her other series Lux) in Daemon's POV! (OMG!! Yes!))

Fourth reason: If Alex WINS, JLA will write basically a novella from Aiden's POV about Aiden and Leon going after a daimon at the end of Half-Blood! (More Aiden? Heck yeah!)

Before you say 'Pshh! I haven't even read Half-Blood or Obsidian! So why should I care?,' here are a few words that best describe all those scenes/chapters: HOT, STEAMY, SEXY, SPICY, KISSING. Both chapter 16 and 26 take place on either a bed or a couch... *ahem* Sound good, right? Basically, you're going to want to read those chapters if you haven't already! And Half-Blood is all from Alex's POV and Obsidian from Katy's POV. Can you imagine reading it from the guys' POV as well? *fans self*

Another reason you should vote for Alex instead of Rose is actually directed towards readers who have read both Half-Blood (and even Obsidian) and Vampire Academy. Here's something that you should ask yourself and really really think about:

What will Richelle Mead give us if Rose wins?

Yeah, think about it. Anything better than reading those chapters in Aiden & Daemon's POVs? No? Didn't think so. :) Don't worry, you won't be a traitor if you don't vote for Rose. This is just an online poll created by fans for fun! It'll be even more fun if we can read chapter 16 in Aiden's POV and chapter 26 in Daemon's POV, don't you agree? So, pretty please, VOTE FOR ALEX! :D Click here to access the post with the Alex vs Rose poll!


Momo from Books Over Boys is giving away a copy of the prequel Daimon, a copy of Half-Blood, AND a pre-order of Pure to one lucky person! Giveaway is international & ends January 6! To enter, visit the giveaway post on her blog HERE. Good luck! :D

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