Monday, September 24, 2012

Deity Team Blog Chat & Giveaway

What an exciting day! WinterHaven Books and I are having a Deity Party! Two of the biggest blog fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout have teamed up to celebrate the upcoming release of Deity, book three in the Covenant series.


Well, we wanted to do something a little different for this review and thought we'd share a team blog chat about the book without being too spoilery. So we came up with some questions, and well you guessed it. It was a free for all. =] But that's not all! Jennifer L. Armentrout agreed to jump in and chat with us! How cool is that?!?

So, here's our team blog chat. Enjoy!

Alexa: Without being too spoilery, what was your favorite scene in the book?

Arlene: Two words... guitar pic... That's all I'm saying. :D

Tina: Arlene stole the words out of my mouth! Guitar pic!! And then the next scene that follows....;-)

Crystal: OOhh I have 2! I am stealing Arlene's guitar pic*hehe* and when Alex runs into someone she really wanted to see.

Jennifer: The scene that comes after the guitar pic scene was probably my favorite. That and the end.

Amber: Oh, I will have to agree with the "guitar pic" scene. LOVE! And the "Gas Station" scene.

Alexa: Ahh! I agree with you guys. And honestly, all scenes with Aiden were my faves.


Tina: Team Seth, Team Aiden or Team Leon? (whispers Aiden all the way hehe)

: AIDEN AIDEN ADIEN! Aiden/Alexa! haha I love me some Leon too.

Amber: I am team Aiden, but I have a new love for Leon, for sure!

Jennifer: Team Leon, now and forever!

Crystal: Team Leon!

Arlene: Whisper all you want cupcake but I still have hope, so it's Team Seth for me. =}


Crystal: Who would you cast for Aiden, Seth or Leon?

: Hard question. Hmm, they all live specifically in my head, but Andrei Andrei would make the perfect Aiden:)

Arlene: Well, since I'm Team Seth, I'll give you my cast selection for him, but don't be surprised because this actor seems to be my pick for most of my fictional male faves. Yes, you guessed it Alex Prettyface. XD

Jennifer: I'm terrible with these kinds of things. I don't know actor names or whatever for the most part, but yeah, Alex Prettyface would make the perfect Seth. But that Andrei Andrei guy is really smokin hot!

Alexa: I'll pick someone for Leon, since you all have picked Aiden and Seth. Chris Hemsworth as Leon! Everyone loves Leon and everyone loves Chris. It's just perfect.

Amber: I'm going with Paul Walker for Aiden. Oh yeah!


Arlene: Which character pulled the biggest surprise move in this book? Don't say what, just say who. =]

: Definitely Leon!

Tina: I think they all surprised us in different ways, but I think the biggest shocker would be Leon!

Jennifer: Kind of hard for me to answer this question, lol, but I guess most people will be shocked by Leon.

Amber: Leon all the way!

Alexa: Leon. Others surprised me too, but he was the major one.

Q&A with Jennifer L. Armentrout

Tina: How difficult was it to end this installment at that pivotal moment? Was it as painful for you as it was for us?

Jennifer: Oh no, it wasn't painful for me at all. Tee hee. I always knew where to end Deity and at what moment.

Crystal: Good question Tina! Okay, JLA should I let you out of your time-out for that final cliffy move?

Jennifer: Probably not.

Alexa: What scene in this installment was the most difficult for you to write?

Jennifer: There was a couple, but I think the one where Alex runs into someone she really wanted/needed to see was the hardest. I wanted to make sure I captured the emotions of that scene.

Amber: Will we be introduced to any new characters in Apollyon (Covenant #4)?

Jennifer: Yep. A few halfs, a few pures, and a lot more gods.

Well thank you Jennifer L. Armentrout for stopping by and chatting with WinterHaven and Collections. We can't wait for the next release in this series!!

Covenant Series Giveaway

NOW. . . For some exciting news! As a special treat, we're offering one lucky follower living in USA or Canada not only the ARC for this installment, but a copy of the first three books to add to your collection. Take a look at what the lucky winner will receive! Just fill out the rafflecopter and answer any of the questions we posted above or simply tell us why you'd like to read this series. Good luck! (Note: The prize will be shipped by WinterHaven Books.)

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  1. I loved that Jennifer jumped into the chat with you guys! Leon was a shocker for me too. Great post, Alexa. :)

    1. Yeah, I liked seeing her answers. :D I cannot wait for Elixir and Apollyon!
      All credit for this post goes to WinterHaven Books! :)

  2. I love the Lux series and have heard nothing but good things about Covenant, plus, having all 3 books would be fanfreakingtastic :D Ha, I love your blog, by the way, the header is very cool.

    I'm hosting a giveaway of my own, feel free to drop by :)