Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: Beastly Beautiful by Dara England

Title: Beastly Beautiful
Author: Dara England
Release Date: November 7, 2012
One girl, one secret ...

Teagan Grant is homeless and on the run from her family. Life on the streets is rough enough but it’s about to get worse as she takes her fate into her hands by agreeing to a mysterious assignment from a sinister stranger calling himself “Sir”. With no idea she’s about to find herself in more peril than she can imagine, Teagan enters Sir’s shadowy world of beastly curses and clandestine rituals.

From murky alleyways and sparkling penthouses to menacing midnight forests, she pursues the answers her new employer will do anything to conceal. But as her relationship with the enigmatic Sir grows closer, so too does a new enemy—one with plans to destroy them both. Will Teagan and Sir learn to trust one another in time to join forces against this looming threat?

My Thoughts: Beastly Beautiful had me hooked from the beginning! Although I didn't think it was perfect and flawless, there was something so unique and fascinating about the story. I couldn't help but to fall for it, especially the characters Teagan and Sir. I was actually bummed out when I reached the end of the book. All I wanted was more and more.

This entire novel was full of mystery. I think there was one thing I guessed correctly and that was only because there was a huge hint on the book cover. There were a lot more things that just baffled me at first. For example, the character known as Sir hired Teagan to preform some simple tasks (or what she liked to call rituals) at his condo while he was away for the night. They were all seriously easy tasks too. Things like set up a plate and a cup full of wine on the table and press 'play' on the stereo. And he wanted it to be done precisely with no questions asked. None of it made sense. Why were those tasks so random? Why did she have to do it exactly like he wanted? What is going on!? It was in no way hard to follow, and it'll all come together eventually, but when I started the book... I couldn't stop thinking how strange it was. Which wasn't a bad thing at all, though, because it definitely kept my attention!

I really really liked Sir. His personality was such a stand out. I'm not sure I'll be able to describe him properly... He's basically the type of male character I love to read about. He's intense and mysterious and very good-looking. I always got excited whenever he showed up. I also really liked the main character Teagan. Even though she made some poor decisions (which were actually understandable considering her desperation and the position she was in), I'm glad she didn't automatically trust Sir. She was strong enough to stand up for herself. I enjoyed their banter and loved when it became obvious they were attracted to each other. I couldn't wait for something more to happen between them. The anticipation was worth it.

I wish this book didn't have to end. Or that it was longer or maybe had a sequel. I almost felt like it was only a glimpse of the larger story. The ending was a little abrupt too. I kept trying to turn the page on my device, but there was nothing else. There were a couple of things that were resolved by the end; however, I think there were too many unanswered questions. Teagan was the biggest mystery, even though she was the main character. Not much was revealed about her past. And while I loved her relationship with Sir, I still would have liked to witness a bit more development and interaction. There were a few other things I would have liked more clarification on as well, but overall they didn't affect how I felt about everything else in the novel.

Beastly Beautiful was an enjoyable read for me. The story and characters intrigued and captivated me from the very start. It was exactly what I needed to read at the time, and it left me wanting more. If there was ever another book revolving around Teagan and Sir, I would definitely read it!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


  1. Ack! Those mundane tasks would drive me up the wall as well. You've got my attention. I have to check this book out.

    Great review, Alexa. :)

    1. lol! I wonder what you'll think.
      Thanks Joy. ^^