Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: Connection by Emily Ann Ward

Title: Connection (Le Garde, #1)
Author: Emily Ann Ward
Publisher: Emily Ward
Release Date: November 21, 2012
Aaron and Anna haven’t been friends for almost a year, not after he deserted her when she needed a friend the most. When Aaron approaches Anna for help with his homework, she can’t deny her former best friend or the way he makes her feel. Despite her reluctance to trust him again—not to mention how much their strange telepathic connection freaks her out—she gives in. English homework. How hard could that be?

Soon Anna finds out that nothing with Aaron is easy. Not the way their touch suddenly triggers power outages and lightning storms. Not the feelings he has for her despite her already having a boyfriend—or how she’s falling for him in return. And certainly not the mysterious secret society called Le Garde that wants to recruit them. The new knowledge that they’re not alone in their powers or connection forces them to choose between continuing to live their normal lives or falling deep into the world of Le Garde together—and maybe even in love.

My Thoughts: In the beginning of Connection, I was kind of distracted by some of the unanswered questions. Why weren't Anna and Aaron friends for nearly a year? How come Anna forgave him so quickly? And why did they share this powerful connection? The story actually wasn't slow-going at all. It did, however, take me a couple of chapters to warm up to the characters, which was why I wanted clarification on certain things quick. Thankfully as the story progressed answers were revealed, and by the halfway point, I became more interested and invested into the story.

Connection is a paranormal that revolves around two high school students, Aaron and Anna. They were best friends since they were 8-years-old and have had a special connection where they can basically read each others thoughts and feel each others emotions. After becoming close again after nearly a year apart, Aaron and Anna start to realize that their connection is becoming more intense and powerful. To make matters even more complicated, they find out they may not be the only pair out there with this type of connection and that they are already being watched.

While the story wouldn't be the same without the paranormal, the contemporary aspects were what I enjoyed the most. Like the relationship between Anna and Aaron and the dynamics they had with their family and other friends. I did think it was strange how quickly Anna and Aaron became friends again after not being friends at all for a year, especially after finding out what Aaron did. But once I realized Anna actually hadn't forgiven Aaron as much as I thought she had, I ended up feeling a whole lot better about their situation. And I'm so glad that afterwards their relationship didn't immediately evolve into something romantic. It was obvious they would get together, but it took time and there were many complications along the way. Such as Anna having a boyfriend, the horrible friend Aaron chose over Anna, and Anna questioning if she would even have feelings for Aaron had it not been for their connection. I just ended up liking both Aaron and Anna as characters. I loved Anna's rational side, how she tended to question things unlike Aaron. And I liked that Aaron made sure not to waver on his loyalty to Anna again, even when there were moments they really disagreed with each other. Basically they were likeable characters, and I appreciated that.

Connection was overall a pretty enjoyable read for me. The ending wasn't climactic, though, and I felt nothing involving the paranormal aspects were resolved. But at least Anna and Aaron's relationship developed nicely because like I said, it was my favorite thing about the novel. There's definitely more to come, and I'm looking forward to it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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